I checked that Tremayne book on Goodreads because I wanted to see if there were any reviews and there actually IS one and, well, basically I need to share some things from it because it’s bloody hilarious.

"In most respects, though, Tremayne’s writing is a major improvement on Hornung’s. Indeed, the low quality of Hornung’s work - there is perhaps the biggest discrepancy between his literary merit and the fame of his characters than with any other crime writer (with the possible exception of Agatha Christie) - is jokingly referred to by Raffles, who disapproves of Bunny’s low taste in fiction. (These references are great fun for anyone who knows the originals at all well, and include mention of stupid mistakes that Hornung made like having a character jump out of a window of the Albany onto the roof of a carriage, when this would have been impossible from the side of the building on which he placed the window.)"

HORNUNG YOU DUMB SHIT THERE ARE NO WINDOWS ON THAT SIDE OF THE BUILDING WORST AUTHOR EVER WOW SO STUPID!!!! But I liked Tremayne’s awkward sex scenes. So hot! Best writer ever!! ^_^ (P.S. Agatha Christie sucks too!!)

"By making Bunny grow up and lose some of his rather excessive admiration for the extremely selfish Raffles Tremayne makes the whole scenario more plausible. (Hornung was, I think, trying to imply a homosexual attraction he was unable to make explicit in popular fiction in the early years of this century.)"

By making Bunny a cheating asshole Tremayne makes it much more plausible than that fucking gay subplot Hornung had going on. LOL NO HOMO!!



Raffles the whole time in that blasted Peter Tremayne book??


The Return of Raffles by Peter Tremayne: A Summary

LAWL BUNNY you’re so embarrassing. 

AJ, you’re just jealous because you’re not the one getting laid.


introducing #moreholmes!

this tag is a place to meet fans and post caps, videos, graphics, links, fic, discussions etc of canon and all adaptions you can think of - except bbc sherlock and elementary (which already have sherlockedit and elementaryedit) unless in comparisons or the like.

i noticed that it’s hard to find posts about anything but the popular choices and thought that canon and adaptions (like granada, the private life of sherlock holmes, the 1954 series, young sherlock holmes, cartoon series and pastiches to name just a few) deserve a little love.

after all, sherlock holmes is the most portrayed literary human character but we could see a bit more of that on tumblr!

tag #moreholmes in the first five tags when making a new post and let’s meet!

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Raffles the whole time in that blasted Peter Tremayne book??


The Return of Raffles by Peter Tremayne: A Summary


A compilation of sketches done over the past month or so. Trying to tie down and correct Raffles’ design because…

I’m gonna make him into a maquette

*kermit flail*

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"straight" haha

i can’t believe that fucking animorphs thing has over 100 notes

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I refuse to imagine that!

Maybe next book would have given Raffles some awkward sex scenes.

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as long as “around” is always Raffles in disguise

I’m gonna adopt this as my new headcanon (the only headcanon that can make this book bearable)

amortaldothapproach replied to your post: “Since I like inflicting pain on my fellow fans, let me share some of…”:
I want to know what was going through Tremayne’s thoughts when he decided that THIS is the way the story has to go. *facepalm*

It’s like the most unnecessary subplot too. It has like absolutely to bearing on the main plot? Peter Tremayne, you are the worst.

Also, can I just point out that the cover says the following:

"The first in a new series of Raffles adventures from the bestselling pen of Peter Tremayne"